What Are Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates?


A completely developed, raw cannabis plant in your hands is an incredible sensation. Your perception of cannabis plants will radically change when you smell a live flower and discover the richness of smells it has.

You’ll begin to question if it’s feasible to translate these exquisite smells and scents into a consumable product at some point during your adventure with the plant.

A cannabis plant undergoes a number of procedures after being harvested, including drying and curing, both of which are necessary to produce a product that is powerful, ready for use, and bursting with flavors and fragrances.

Nevertheless, many of these are lost during the extraction process while producing cannabis concentrates. Several methods purposefully remove these components in order to increase potency at the expense of terpene-rich essential oils.

So how is it possible to create a cannabis extract that is both strong and flavorful? The solution is straightforward: create live resin.

What is Live Resin?

A cannabis concentration known as “live resin” is created using recently harvested cannabis plants. Subcritical temperatures are present during and before the extraction process on the plant material.

The whole terpene profile of live cannabis plants can be preserved by the flash-freezing technique.

Other concentrations are made from flowers that have been dried and preserved. Terpenes, the aromatic chemicals that give different cannabis strains their distinctive scents and smells, can suffer greatly as a result of this.

When using live resin, the plant is frozen as soon as it is harvested and maintained at freezing temperatures for the duration of the extraction procedure.

By doing this, the plant’s valuable terpene profile is preserved, preserving its authentic smells and scents.

Where Did Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates Come From?

A very recent cannabis concentrate is live resin. The live resin was originally brought to the concentrate sector by a small number of Colorado farmers between 2011 and 2013. They developed a special BHO extractor that can function at very low temperatures, which is necessary for manufacturing living resin.

Together, the farmers were able to develop extraction techniques that produced concentrates with terpene contents above average, which is significantly more than what typical extraction delivers from cured buds.

What Does Live Resin Cannabis Look and Feel Like?

Living resin concentrations are available in a range of hues and shapes. The type of cannabis strain utilized to make the concentrate has a significant impact on the final product’s chemical and physical characteristics.

Compared to other concentrations, the live resin contains more terpenes overall and in higher ratios. The additional essential oils give the consistency more of a fluid nature compared to other concentrations. The concentrate becomes runnier and less stable as it contains more terpenes. Badder, bidder, sap, sugar, and sauce are the most prevalent types of living resin.

What Makes Live Resin Cannabis Different Than Other Concentrates?

The increased terpene concentration that these cannabis strains have is what distinguishes living resins from other concentrated extracts. Live resin typically has a higher terpene concentration than typical cured BHO extracts.

Furthermore, a higher terpene profile might result in a stronger euphoric high and increase the medicinal effects of cannabis because terpenes interact with THC and CBD to intensify their effects. The “entourage effect” refers to this interaction.

Live resin has grown to be one of the most in-demand goods in the cannabis concentrate market as a result of the aforementioned qualities. Cannabis users frequently place high importance on flavors and scents in addition to the effects of their extracts.

How to Consume Live Resin Cannabis

By inhaling, you consume live resin. There are two ways to accomplish this: using a dab rig for flash vaporization or a vape pen for regular vaping.

Let’s expand on each of those strategies.

In a Rig

A dab rig is required for dabbing live resin. This smoking apparatus is essentially a more sophisticated water pipe with added functions for using cannabis concentrates.

A dab rig comes with a nail, a flat bowl to contain your extracts, a gas-powered flame, and a dabber, a spoon-shaped tool to measure out the resin.

The method for utilizing a dab involves scooping out a small amount and applying it to a heated nail. Dabbing live resin is most effective at temperatures between 315 and 400 F. Terpenes may burn at higher temperatures, obliterating the priceless scents and smells.

Then, right away, you take a whiff of the vaporizing extract through the rig’s mouthpiece.

In a Vaporizer

Often, live resin concentrates are kept in what is known as vape pens. Instead of using a more typical concentration, these vape pens come with oil cartridges that you may fill with live resin. Simply attach the cartridge to a power source, activate the heating coil, and inhale through the mouthpiece of the pen to vape live resin.

How to Store Live Resin

Your goal while keeping live resin is to preserve as much of the flavor and aroma of your concentrate as you can. You must keep your live resin away from heat, moisture, light, and open-air to preserve its potency and quality.

An airtight and lightproof container will be your best option for storing living resin. It will assist you in maintaining both the consistency and cannabinoid content of your extracts. Instead, when exposed to the aforementioned circumstances, they can deteriorate.

Containers for storing concentrates can be available in marijuana dispensaries.

What’s the Cost Per Gram of Live Resin?

Generally speaking, the live resin will cost more than other concentrations. A gram of live resin may cost you $10 to $50 more depending on where you reside than, for example, the same volume of shatter or wax.

While the typical price is between $60 and $80 per gram, a premium live resin obtained from unusual strains can cost as much as $100 per gram and more.

Final Thoughts on Live Resin

Since its introduction in Colorado, live resin concentrations have advanced significantly. These formerly mysterious extracts are currently dominating the market as one of the most sought-after premium cannabis goods.

Although live resin is more expensive than other types of cannabis, the flavor and aroma it offers, as well as the improved benefits brought on by the higher terpene concentration, make it well worth the extra cost.

How have you found the live resin? Do you like this concentrated cannabis form?

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