Next Level Farms – Jelly Breath (73-159u)


Introducing Next Level Cannabis Farms Live Hash Rosin. Made from freshly harvested and immediately frozen material, which means the cannabis used to make this extract was never dried and cured. This results in the superior flavour and terpenes profiles. Once concentrated into Live Bubble Hash, it is then carefully extruded into Live Hash Rosin.

This Live Hash Rosin is truly a treat full of mouth watering terpenes and smoothness that every cannabis connoisseur will love!

What is Live Hash Rosin?

It’s a tastier version of bubble hash, and it looks like a thick, crumbly toffee instead of translucent glass, which sets it apart from traditional shatter dabs.

Live Hash Rosin takes a lot more work to produce, as live rosin production creates smaller yields than solvent-based methods, making it rare on the modern marijuana market.

Frozen right after harvesting, the flavour and scent profiles are reserved.

The drying process of cannabis inevitably degrades the terpenes and cannabinoids, so Live Hash Rosin will always have fresher flavours. That’s why Live Hash Rosin is one of the most coveted cannabis concentrates available on the retail market.

Think of it this way: if you had to choose between orange juice made from fruit fresh from the tree and juice made from dried powder, which would you pick? Fresh just tastes better.

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