Mr. Funguy Mini Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar


Not all edibles are created equal.

This fun novelty chocolate bar is made with your favorite mushrooms, a BC Okanogan Sourced Penis Envy. This product contains a psychoactive ingredient called psilocybin, which will deliver you to a euphoric state of mind.

  • Belgium Sourced Chocolate Blend
  • BC Okanogan Sourced Penis Envy
  • Net Weight 16g ~ 24 Piece ~ Break Away Bar
  • 1g / 1000mg Psilocybin Mushrooms (Penis Envy)
  • 41.6mg Per Piece
  • 166.4mg Per Row

  Lineage: North America
  Starting Dose: Take 1 square and wait for 3 hrs
  Onset Time: 30 minutes
  Duration: 2-5 hrs