Jellysickle AAAA+ 420 SALE!!!


Jelly sickle is an indica-leaning hybrid that’s been noted by reviewers as providing them relaxation for body and mind.

Purple hues of Jellysickle buds are a sight to behold. Coated in a plethora of trichomes that give it small patches of white throughout its flowers, this hybrid is a cross between two strains, Purple Punch and Jelly Breath.

The scent of this strain becomes more pronounced as you break it apart, bringing to mind dank earth and of fresh herbs. Its taste doesn’t stray far from its scent, and on the exhale, earthen herbs are prominent. Fans of this strain have described the effects as relaxing for their body, though perhaps slightly spacey for their mind. While stress and tension were released, their thoughts calmed but lacked focus, they’ve noted. Some experienced a heavy-body sensation that led to mild sedation.

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