Death Bubba Kief


Death Bubba is known to cause couch lock, it tastes sweet, earthy and clean on the palate while the aroma is stinky and gassy.

This Death Bubba Kief is light in colour sticky, gassy and full of trichomes and resin glands.

How to use kief

Sprinkle it on top of a bowl, joint, blunt, or into a hookah

Sprinkling a generous dusting of kief on the top of a packed bowl, joint, or blunt can dramatically increase the potency, making for a more intense and longer-lasting high. Adding kief will also cause the cannabis to burn slower, extending the time it takes to smoke — perfect if you enjoy long smoke sessions with friends. If you’re a fan of smoking shisha out of a hookah, you can sprinkle it on top of the tobacco before adding the hot coals.

Add it to tea or coffee

Heat activates cannabinoids, so if you add kief to hot beverages such as coffee or tea, it can produce similar effects as edibles. Expect the effects to kick in 30 minutes to two hours after you consume.

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