How To Recover From A Weed Hangover

Weed Hangover

The existence of marijuana hangovers and how to recover from a weed hangover have been hotly contested, but to some users, they are almost certainly a reality. The effects of marijuana use the morning after differing from alcohol hangovers in terms of symptoms. Some people who consume too much cannabis don’t get a hangover. People’s levels of tolerance vary.

Continue reading to learn what causes a cannabis hangover and how to remedy it:

What Could Cause a Weed Hangover?

Take note of these potential offenders to avoid a hangover and to learn how to recover from a weed hangover:

1. Alcohol and Other Substances Consumed While Smoking

The use of marijuana edibles, cannabis combined with other medicines, or alcohol use can all cause terrible headaches and other side effects the following day. Combining them intensifies the negative consequences and perhaps fatal health issues.

2. A greater THC concentration

Drug testing can identify the active component of cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In particular, if you’ve consumed more than your tolerance permits, higher THC levels raise your risk of experiencing a hangover. Among the strains with a high THC content include Amnesia Haze, Sour Diesel, and Chemdog.

For beginners and those who might be sensitive to THC’s adverse effects, many low-dose THC strains have been created. Look for strains with a low amount of THC to offset its effects.

3. Signs of Marijuana Withdrawal

If you smoke marijuana frequently, stopping could cause withdrawal symptoms. The last use usually lasts three weeks before lingering effects start to show. Cannabis withdrawal symptoms include mood fluctuations, irritability, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, and decreased appetite.

Marijuana Hangover Symptoms

The common symptoms are based on customer observations because studies over the years have not been able to examine all adverse effects. Cannabis hangover symptoms, despite claims to the contrary, can undoubtedly cause delays and ruin your day. Heavy cannabis consumption frequently causes exhaustion, sluggishness, brain fog, a lingering headache, dry mouth, and even muscle discomfort.

Do not hesitate to seek a healthcare professional if symptoms continue. In addition, these effects:

1. Nauseous

You may vomit as a result of nausea. Although it’s only moderate nausea, unlike alcohol hangovers. It is not anticipated that this effect will endure all day.

2. Dehydration 

According to a 2006 study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine, marijuana use decreases salivation, which may be the cause of dry mouth. Cannabis cannot significantly dehydrate the body, in contrast to the consequences of excessive alcohol usage.

3. Weariness

Early in the morning, you might feel exhausted and experience a number of marijuana hangover symptoms. can make you feel confined to the couch overall

How To Recover From A Weed Hangover

Being conscious of and respecting your boundaries is the best defense against a marijuana hangover. Because you won’t feel inspired to do anything while you’re feeling hungover, these methods call for great willpower. Cannabis hangovers often go after a day, but there are methods to feel significantly better.

There isn’t much you can do to feel better right soon, but these tips may be helpful:

1. Hydrated

The secret to preventing and managing cannabis hangovers is to drink plenty of water. Water can be consumed both before and after cannabis consumption. If you forgot, be sure to hydrate yourself right away after waking up. A minimum of two glasses are advised.

2. Sleep

Stay in bed for the majority of the day if you must. Give your body time to heal and yourself space and time to get your energy back.

3. Take a Hot or Cold Shower

After taking a hot shower, your airways might become more open. If taking a cool shower appeals to you more, you can do so. In either case, it would give you a boost and make your day feel better.

4. Eliminate Weed Hangover By Engaging in Brief Exercise

By taking a fast walk for at least 15 minutes, you can increase your metabolism and get rid of cannabis metabolites. Additionally, you can use your yoga mat to do relaxing stretches and meditate to make the day brighter.

5. Take CBD

A component of cannabis called cannabidiol is thought to have pain-relieving properties similar to those of THC. For a strain that will lessen the effects of a hangover, look for one with a high CBD level. You would feel less hungover if the CBD to THC ratio was higher. CBD is available from in various products.

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