Do Magic Mushrooms Work Like Medication?

There is another kind of mushroom in addition to the variety that people seek out in the wild and use in their preferred recipes. People use these mushrooms, together with cannabis, to get “high” or feel euphoric, as well as to perhaps aid with a number of medical conditions.

These psilocybin mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms,” aren’t included in traditional medicine. They do, however, occasionally offer the same medical advantages. It would be beneficial to learn more details about this unusual variety of mushroom in order to comprehend how they function more clearly.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

The Canadian government has traditionally regarded selling, purchasing, and utilizing magic mushrooms as unlawful, much like the official position on marijuana. Customers resisted, despite the fact that they contain psychedelic substances. Several things therefore changed.

Now, according to Health Canada, the use of magic mushrooms is permitted but only under certain conditions and with certain exceptions. The majority of these are establishments that offer various therapies, including psilocybin therapy.

During the same period, certain US states also legalized magic mushrooms with fewer restrictions. For instance, Denver, Colorado, decriminalized the use of these mushrooms by adults by passing Ordinance 301. Merely one month later, the state of Oregon and the city of Oakland, California, did the same.

Most people assume that magic mushrooms would have the same effects that cannabis did. Legalization will become more widespread across North America as they become better recognized, particularly the advantages they provide.

To clarify, magic mushrooms are a particular variety of psilocybin mushroom. Most individuals either prepare tea from a dried product purchased in legal head shops and dispensaries, purchase it in liquid or capsule form, or incorporate it into their diet. The mushrooms can also be eaten raw, although they don’t taste nice. Someone could become unwell if they consume the incorrect dosage.

How Magic Mushrooms Appeared in Canada

It’s interesting to note that magic mushroom use began in Canada in the 1960s. It all began when Robert Gordon Wasson, a new mycologist, published an article in Life magazine. He came across an indigenous community using these rare mushrooms for both their therapeutic and hallucinogenic qualities throughout his travels. Naturally, he gave them a try.

It didn’t take long for readers of the journal to become aware of these purported “magic mushrooms” throughout the world. They shared Wasson’s desire to have the same experience. At that time, Oaxaca, Mexico, welcomed British Columbian visitors. They learned that the natives there frequently used these mushrooms that grew wild.

They started to concentrate on wide-open pastures, fields, and meadows after they got back home. The miracle mushrooms were indeed growing in British Columbia. That sparked the widespread fad of plant-picking. Before law enforcement was able to seize a sizable quantity of magic mushrooms from University of British Columbia students, this situation persisted for five years. But it had no effect on how well-liked this intriguing fungus was.

The Common Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are most frequently consumed for their hallucinogenic properties. They encounter a wide variety of things while impaired, such as vibrant colors, objects, and sounds. Moreover, they experience fatigue, excitement, euphoria, and an all-around sense of amazement for their surroundings. Those who take magic mushrooms frequently assert that they experience a spiritual awakening.

It’s critical to use the recommended dosage and to purchase a high-quality product from a reliable vendor if you wish to try magic mushrooms. If not, you risk feeling ill, starting to panic, and developing paranoia. The quality of the magic mushrooms, how much is consumed, a person’s body weight, and any prior use all play a role in the intensity of the effects.

What About Medicinal Benefits?

Individuals who receive magic mushrooms in a regulated setting and while being treated by a professional can see notable improvements in their medical conditions. Magic mushrooms in particular support mental health. The most frequent ailments that these mushrooms treat are listed below.

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Compulsive Obsessive Disorder (OCD)
  • Depression
  • Tobacco Use

According to recent studies, magic mushrooms may provide mental health experts with the breakthrough they need to successfully treat PTSD patients. Also, studies show they assist persons dealing with cancer and those experiencing psychological suffering when their lives are coming to an end.

These mushrooms nonetheless cause altered perception even if they are 100 times less strong than LSD. When employing magic mushrooms to treat people, specialists draw on that.

There is yet another advantage to utilizing magic mushrooms for health reasons. It encourages open communication. The mushrooms provide people the opportunity to open up and become more vulnerable, whether they are extremely shy or have shut down as a result of trauma. It alters many people’s lives.

Even though it’s unrelated to health, some people have trouble being creative. Lack of creativity might keep someone from pursuing their interest for something like painting, writing books or music, sculpting, designing clothing, or another creative endeavor. Nonetheless, many people discover that taking magic mushrooms encourages their creativity, which offers up new opportunities.

Working to Legalize Magic Mushrooms in North America

The use of magic mushrooms is forbidden in the United States, too, with the exception of psilocybin therapy. These mushrooms are currently listed by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule I substance. They therefore don’t treat medical ailments, and there is a considerable potential for abuse.

To get magic mushrooms approved by the FDA, a number of leading scientists are organizing clinical trials. Many people support this effort, especially as more information about the therapeutic advantages becomes available.

What it All Means

The bottom line is that at this time, only professionals, exempt people, and people who reside in areas where its usage is lawful are permitted to take magic mushrooms as a kind of therapy. Most people feel that it won’t be long before this plant is available on the market alongside cannabis, even though customers are fighting to make it legal.

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